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Art at Seven

At Seven, we are keen to promote local artists by exhibiting their work in Seven’s café/bar. We rotate exhibitions on a monthly basis.

Current Artist

Zina Al-Janabi

Zina Al-Janabi

I was born in Baghdad, Iraq. I have a Masters degree in Communication Engineering from Al-Nahrain University. I was encouraged by my Mother and her sister but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances they never had the opportunity to draw. They both supported me and I made their dreams come true by taking up art.

I started practicing by myself at a young age in Baghdad, Iraq. I moved to Amman, Jordan because of the war and decided to take art lessons there.

My acrylic paintings are mostly flowers and landscapes through the eyes of a Middle Eastern woman living in Yorkshire. The one pictured here is ‘Roundhay Park In Autumn’.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork as much as I enjoyed painting them.

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