Róisín Bán

Saturday  29/03/2014  8pm Tickets : £10/ £8 conc.

Blistering Trad Irish /Celtic music and song from this exciting new five piece band playing fiddle, flute, button box, guitar and percussion.

Ladies & Gentlemen, your entertainers for this evening are...Steve Lacey, Mark Flett, Tom Leedale, Paddy Heffron and Chris Dyson.

Róisín Bán  was formed in the early months of 2013 following the dissolution of their other individual musical projects. After a few  tentative rehearsals they gelled, they found their feet musically and are still developing their style and their 'act'. 

The starting point, and shared love of the band, is music from the Irish tradition, but if they stumble upon a number which suits them they're happy to tackle other styles. The 'craic' is an important concept for the boys and no toe is left un-tapped in a Róisín Bán show. 

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